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Experiència: Maruti Suzuki opens new engine plant

Experiència: Maruti Suzuki opens new engine plant

[18/11/2008], Anònim
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Data: 21/10/2008

Maruti Suzuki on Tuesday officially opened a plant producing its next-generation KB-series engine. The new powerplant will be used in both the redesigned Suzuki Alto and the Nissan Pixo variant Maruti will supply on an OEM basis.

Maruti Suzuki managing director Shinzo Nakanishi said: "We are happy to introduce a brand new family of petrol engines for our customers. Maruti Suzuki was the first company to introduce fuel-efficient vehicles in India, way back in 1983, and has continuously improved the technologies over the years. This new engine engine is highly fuel-efficient, while offering the best in refinement and performance. It will take engine technology to the next level in India."

The three-cylinder, 998cc, KB series engine has distributor-less ignition with dedicated plug top coils, high pressure semi-return fuel system and advanced injectors for superior atomisation. It complies with current Indian BS III emission laws while export versions for Europe wiill comply with the Euro V standard.

Maruti said the new engine series would be progressively introduced on other models over the next three to five years.

Redesigned Alto exports start early in 2009 and Nissan said in September it planned to begin Pixo sales in Europe next spring.

The new KB engine plant, contained in Maruti's fully integrated manufacturing facility at Gurgaon, has an annual capacity of 240,000 engines.

The in-line layout of casting, machining and assembly is highly automated and uses 'global manufacturing best practices' including cold testing and 100% on line automated checks to ensure quality.

The company has committed to setting up an R&D centre and testing ground to Suzuki Motor Corporation standards and plans to enhance Indian engine development capability.

Maruti engineers worked on the design, calibration and testing of the engine in both India and Japan.
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